Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jan 21st - Observation Deck, Cycling, free Red Bull then almost disturbing a porn shoot!

The reality that I was leaving Australia very soon, drew closer today when I closed my Aussie bank account.

Went up to the observation deck on Surfers Paradise tallest building, which gave fantastic views over Surfers Paradise, the gold coast and beyond, although it was more overcast today. While up there I planed a good bike route to cycle that afternoon, it was so humid and I was feeling rather exhausted and almost out of water when a red bull promotion car drove passed stopped and gave me a free can of Red Bull, I don’t usually drink the stuff but this time welcomed it with relief!

Towards the end of my ride I found a lovely quiet looking bay and was about to go down and sit on the beach, but noticed a women being photographed in the distance with a very impressive looking professional camera setup. I then realized the women didn’t have many clothes on and in fact had her bits (probably plastic ones) hanging out, now I didn’t practically want to disturb a porn shoot so made a quick getaway!

With it being my last night in Surfers Paradise I went out on a bit of a pubcrawl, starting with a fantastic meal at the Hard Rock Café.

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