Sunday, October 11, 2009


I took a coach down to the Historical city of Malacca from KL airport, which took about 2 hours and cost me just £3.50. I had got an amazing deal on a Hotel paying just approx £36 per night for a 5 star Renaissance hotel. Arriving at my room on the 18th floor was greeted by stunning views all over Malacca and to the mountains beyond. After a couple of hours in the comfort of my air conditioned room I had to really force myself to go out sightseeing as it was so humid outside. I walked around the Dutch quarter and Chinatown areas for a couple of hours before taking refuge in a huge shopping centre. I bought 2 smart new shirts for just £8 had a meal before heading back outside where it was now dark and the Dutch quarter was all lit up so. Stopped off at a bar on the way back to my hotel planning to have a quick drink but ended up staying a while and having several after meeting some great people including the owner who arranged for a few of us to meet up for a traditional Malaysian Dim Sum Breakfast the following morning.


Today I left Perth for 10 days for a side trip to asia.

Having never flown out of Perth’s international terminal before I never realised there superb viewing deck, all be it behind glass, Here’s the arrival of my bird 9M-MRH a Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 with Perth city in the background, sadly the weather was yet again overcast with showers, but now I’ve found this viewing deck will make sure I make some more visits on a clear blue skies day and get some fantastic shots of planes with the city in the background!

Onboard the plane a hilarious occurrence happened while taxing out to the runway as an overhead locker kept popping open. A passenger kept trying to shut it and was soon joined by a member of the cabin crew, they still couldn’t secure it and were soon joined by 2 and then eventually 4 more cabin crew all franticly trying to secure the locker before we moved onto the runway for takeoff, they finally realised it was broken and they weren’t going to secure it so they started running up and down the aisles desperately looking for space in other lockers the main stumbling block was finding space for 2 oddly shaped walking sticks and many of the passengers burst into laugher as these cabin crew were franticly running round the place armed with the sticks to find some space to stow them!

They just made it and rushed to their seats just as we pulled onto the runway many of the passengers applauded and let out a big cheer, which almost drowned out the noise of our huge engines throttling up for takeoff, I’m sure many passengers were praying the engines were more reliable than the lockers!

They were and 5 and a half hours later we landed in Kuala Lumpur.